My Trance Mixes

This is the site where I list the CDs I gave out at parties between 2002 and 2007. I rarely ever DJ out anymore, but feel free to enjoy these!
To download any of the mixes, right click on the "Download" link and choose "Save As..." or "Save Link As..."


Wintermute. Recorded in 2007. Mostly trance with some electro influence.
Download Wintermute (MP3 Format)


Shadows of the Past. Recorded in 2006. Trance.
Download Shadows of the Past (MP3 Format)


Book of the Dead. Recorded in 2004. This was my attempt at a more hard/acid trance mix, originally made for a rave website.
Download Book of the Dead (MP3 Format)


Bluescreen. Recorded in 2002. My second attempt at a CD to pass out at parties. I made 200 copies and released it at a party in Gilroy. The party ended up getting busted, but I gave out all the CDs I brought.
Download Bluescreen (MP3 Format)

If you want to get in touch with me, the easiest way is email at wavelength at gmail dot com.